What you need.

All you need is a body measuring tape, or if you don’t have one, tape or ribbon is a good alternative. Keep in mind, do not use elastic or strechy material as the measurements will be inaccurate.

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Ask someone to help measure. It is usually easier to measure someone else than it is to measure yourself. If you don’t have any help, you can still take accurate measurements on your own. Gather your ruler, tape or ribbon and find a mirror where you can clearly see the part of your body you need to measure.

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Measuring properly.

When you go to measure, make sure you are measuring in line with the appropriate part of your body. Measurments should be taken parallel or perpendicular to the floor. Try to stand up straight for the best measurements.

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Taking measures.

Measurements are taken from where the beginning of the ruler meets the ruler again. Try to loop the ruler around the area you are measuring so its fitted to the body. This ensures that you are getting an accurate measurement where the ruler meets. If using tape or ribbon to measure, mark where it meets the beginning and then lay the tape or ribbon flat. Then, measure the lenth from the beginning to the mark you made with a regular ruler.

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How do I measure for more than one person?

If your buying a piece to be shared, measure for everyone involved. Most pieces are adjustable, but you want to make sure no one is left out. For couples, provide two sets of measurements or a range of measurements for multiple people and I’ll make sure it can fit everyone you want.

Can I reserve my order before I measure myself?

Yes! Whether you want to order before a sale ends or before an item goes out of stock, feel free to place your order before you know your measurements. Just send me an email with your order number and your measurements to Please don’t wait too long, as your order production time will not start until I have received your measurements.

How to order the best sizing for someone else?

If for whatever reason you can’t ask for their measurements, or measure them yourself, instead you can tell me their usual clothing size. Remember this will make it a larger range than if it was made for specific measurements.